CakeOoo is the leading destination for sinfully delicious Gourmet Cakes in Accra, Ghana.

The perfect indulgence for a sweet tooth, each bite creating an explosion of moist heavenly sweetness.

"I luv U", "Miss You", or "I'm sorry", it all sounds sweeter when you say it with our freshly baked cakes.

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CakeOoo Inspiration

Cakes in Ghana have always been an enigma to me. Before conceiving starting a cake business, I was always on a search for the best cake in Ghana unfortunately my cravings were usually left unsatisfied. A chocolate cake must not only look like chocolate but taste like chocolate, unfortunately in my opinion many bakers try to find alternate ways to cut costs.

I remember ordering a chocolate mud cake while abroad, it was literally to die for, oozing with rich

dark chocolate at every core, that left an imprint and I thought why can we not have such an experience with cakes in Ghana.

I started baking for myself, friends loved my cakes, started making orders and the rest they say is history. The secret is the best quality ingredients. Everything is in excess for me the best chocolate, the best butter, fresh eggs…...

It’s pretty obvious I am a chocoholic; it took me

almost a year to perfect my chocolate cake recipe.

Cakes in Ghana are usually one of two that is chocolate or vanilla. There are so many flavors and textures of cake to explore. I love cakes; it is a true indulgence, the symbol for every major celebration or just a vehicle to indulge the senses. How can a good cake ever leave you in a bad mood?