about CakeOoo...

CakeOoo was born from the passion for fine, delicious and moist cakes. Founded by Linda Asamoah who traded her job in the health sector to pursue a career in something sweeter.

Each cake is carefully made from scratch with only the finest, all natural ingredients, just like you would use at home. Modest looking but packed with rich flavor and goodness. Ideal for special occasions or just stay home and enjoy it with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of liquor.







When should I order?
A: Orders for Monday through Friday should be placed at least
one day in advance.
Saturday orders must be placed by Friday evening.


Do you decorate or personalize your cakes?
A: We do not decorate or personalize our cakes, we can write a simple
personalized message on the cake .


How many people do your cakes feed?
A: The 9 inch round cake feeds approximately 15.                                   The 11 inch square cake feeds approximately 20-25.             The 12/18 inch rectangle cake feeds approximately 50 plus.


How long does a cake stay fresh?
A: Depending on the type of cake 1-2weeks.


Should I refrigerate my cake?
A: Cakes refrigerate well.


Do you sell fat free cakes?
A: We do not sell fat free cakes.


Do you sell sugar free cakes?
A: We do not sell sugar free cakes.


Do you do home deliveries?
A: Yes we offer home and office deliveries at an extra charge.




Our Guarantee

All of our cakes are made

of nothing but the finest ingredients. We make them fresh and to your specification.

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